Orthopedic clinic


dr n. med.  Maciej Urban

Specialist orthopedist-traumatologist, surgeon hand

conducts comprehensive diagnostic procedures, conservative treatment, qualification for surgical procedures in the following musculoskeletal disorders (congenital and acquired):
- Disease of the upper limb (arm, elbow, shoulder joint)
- Disease and back pain
- Diseases of the joints (traumatic, degenerative)
- Rheumatism
- Osteoporosis and impaired bone mineralization
- Diseases of articular cartilage (including injections into joints)
- Skeletal injuries, articular and muscular.

adopts every Wednesday
the hours of 15:30 – 18:00
Price visit 130 zł
Location: building Thespian, Plac PowstańcówŚląskich 1/116, 53-329 Wroclaw
Information and registration from 10:00 to 20:00
tel.713671105 | 728888601 | 713618630